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Our meat counters

Saaremaa Meat Factory by now has over 20 chilled meat counters in Estonia that are situated in various supermarkets across our beautiful country. From those meat stalls it’s possible to buy domestically raised fresh pork, beef, lamb, bird, rabbit and quail meat. Seasonally we also offer game products. Our everyday stock comprises of more than a hundred products.


On the spot it’s possible to ask our butchers to prepare fresh mince or order half a pig for Christmas.

A favourite treat from our meat stalls for a real gourmand’s has turned out to be fresh meat from Saaremaa beef cattle.


It’s worth noting – our Saaremaa butchers in Tallinn on the Nõmme market square, where apart from daily fresh meat, it’s also possible to buy all the delicious hams, sausages and plenty more from the Saaremaa Meat Factorys selection.

You can find our meat stalls on the map. Use the arrow keys to navigate and + /  to zoom in and out of the map.